Weather in Val Venosta, South Tyrol

Stand: Monday, 25.03.2019

Weather today

With northern winds temperatures falling
Decreasing temperatures with maximum values between 10° and 20°.
Current weather conditions: Upper level flow from the North bringscold air masses to the Alps.
Some clouds, with northern winds in many valleys, locally also of strong intensity during the day. Along the border with Austria the conditions will become more unstable with snowfall.

Weather tomorrow

Sunny but cool
Maximum temperatures between 5° and 16°.
Current weather conditions: Northerly wind over the Alps.
Quite sunny, but cool and strong northwind. More clouds on the border to Austria.

Monday, 25.03.2019
Very cloudy

Day (max|min): 16°C | 6°C

Tuesday, 26.03.2019

Day (max|min): 11°C | 3°C

Mountain weather today

North winds and colder
Upper level flow from the North bringscold air masses to the Alps. On the mountains it gets stormy during the day and especially along the main alpine crest it can snow. Towards the South better visibility. In the evening decreasing temperatures.
0-degree-limit: 2200m
Wind: strong northwesterly

Mountain weather tomorrow

Sunny but cool
Northerly wind over the Alps. Strong northwind and cold. Some clouds on the mountains in the north, sunny in teh south.
0-degree-limit: 1600m
Wind: strong northerly

Weather forecast for the next days

Mostly sunny, but windy

Wednesday, 27.03.2019
Partly cloudy
Reliability: 70%

Day (max|min): 17°C | 6°C
Night (max|min): 4°C | -6°C

Thursday, 28.03.2019
Reliability: 80%

Day (max|min): 19°C | 12°C
Night (max|min): 2°C | -6°C

Friday, 29.03.2019
Reliability: 80%

Day (max|min): 20°C | 14°C
Night (max|min): 3°C | -5°C

Saturday, 30.03.2019
Reliability: 80%

Day (max|min): 21°C | 16°C
Night (max|min): 4°C | -5°C

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